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Road salt and dust binding – a combined solution saving lives

Ab Hanson & Möhring has been engaged in the development of more effective de-icing and gravel road maintenance since the 1960s. We have always been focused on creating safer roads and maintaining stable infrastructure through effective maintenance combined with minimal environmental impact. With each technological advance, we have been able to recommend more effective salt provision for both winter and gravel road surfaces.

Gaining quick access to road salt and saline solution is vital when slippery conditions strike. To ensure that we can offer the highest standards to our customers, we have warehouses strategically situated all over the country. This enables excellent accessibility and short lead times wherever in the country our customers are situated.



For us, road salt and sodium chloride are one and the same. That said, the quality of the product can vary considerably, and there are a number of factors which are vitally important to know and bear in mind. Road salt for winter road maintenance is assessed primarily by looking at the sieve curve, the percentage of insolubles and of course, sodium. Determining the correct specifications of these parameters is fundamental to securing safe winter road surfaces.

Naturally, factors related to service, such as close proximity to warehouses, reliable, competent customer service, on-call arrangements and product training are also important to consider.

High quality rock salt mined, crushed and sifted to the appropriate fraction. Delivered in bulk, big bag (1000 kg), small bag (10 kg and 25 kg) and bucket (12,5 kg).

Dust binding

During the summer there are many roads that require maintenance, with gravel roads generating dust, resulting in poor visibility. This is compounded by the smallest particles disappearing, with the associated risk of roads becoming uneven, or worse still, causing a danger to traffic.

Calcium chloride and magnesium chloride are used to bind dust on gravelled surfaces such as roads and car parks, absorbing moisture from the air and forming a saline solution which penetrates into the road surface. Dust binding enables us to save money and maintain safer roads, with minimal impact on the environment.

Hygroscopic salt in flakes, used for dust binding of dirt and gravel roads, melting of snow and ice, concrete and ballast casting in tires. Delivered in big bag (1000 kg) and small bag (25 kg).

Magnesium chloride in flakes, used for dust binding of gravel roads and stables as well as melting of snow and ice. Delivered in big bag (1000 kg) and small bag (25 kg).


SALINITY introduced saturators to Sweden in partnership with the Swedish Road Administration during the 1980's. We currently provide a wide range of saturators for the production of saturated saline solutions, which produce more effective results in a range of conditions in comparison to distribution of dry road salt. Our saturators are available in large models, with advanced, fully automatic production and storage units, to smaller, more straightforward configurations.

Fully automated units in several different sizes where access via Internet allows both remote control and supervision. External tanks are also included in the product range and can easily be added as needed.

The product range includes our bestselling machine, the SL-30, with a fully automated production unit and fixed storage volume. Several options are available, ranging from alarm to extra warmth and insulation.

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