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The salt traders

Salt, in all its forms, has been our most important product for more than 185 years. We are descended from Wachenfeldt och Andersson, a small wholesale and retail trade firm formed in Gothenburg in 1830. Right from the start, salt was our key commodity. In 1905, the firm took the name, Ab Hanson & Möhring, and from 1 June 2019 we are SALINITY. We currently operate across five sectors: food, road, agriculture, industry and water.

Trading in salt has never been an easy enterprise, with factors such as war, weather, culinary trends, financial crashes and poor herring catches posing challenges. Nevertheless, the firm has always managed to adapt to the prevailing climate, staying one step ahead and finding new products, new sources of salt, new areas of use and new flavours, based on a long-term approach, dedication to improvement and commitment to keeping its promises. The company has been underpinned by a positive drive and energy for more than four generations.

our operational policy

In our work, we strive to display:


When interacting with suppliers and customers, Salinity is committed to demonstrating honesty and integrity.

We are committed to maintaining long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers, focusing on partnerships in which the needs and wishes of our customers take centre stage.

In market conditions subject to constant change, we strive to retain control of our own actions. This gives us the scope to devise independent, creative solutions with regard to logistics, product development and customer contact.


Salinity’s internal and external quality and environmental management is focused on the continual pursuit of improvements through regular review of objectives and action plans.

Our environmental management is focused on securing sustainable development and judicious use of natural resources, as well as preventing emission of contaminants into the surroundings.


We are committed to training and motivating our employees to perform their work in a responsible manner in line with the highest of standards of quality and expertise.

We shall ensure compliance with legislation, official decisions and the requirements of our customers.


A commitment to quality across the board

With our quality and environmental management systems we can constantly improve our routines and create long-term, sustainable development. Through a common sense of purpose, shared values and open and honest communication, we can more easily create long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers.

The SALINITY safety data sheet can be found here.

GMP + stands for good manufacturing practice of feed. GMP + is a full fledged certification scheme for feed manufacturers, integrating the ISO quality requirements, HACCP and other elements. The GMP+ Feed Certification scheme does not only define conditions relating to production facilities of feed, but also for storage, transport, staff, procedures, documentation etc.

A quality mark of GMP+ International tells you that participating companies from the international food chain guarantee reliability, quality, sustainability and safety. That means that they meet all local and international statutory standards in the feed industry.

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FSSC 22000 is an international, GFSI-approved (Global Food Safety Initiative) standard for safer and more efficient food production. The FSSC is based on the ISO standard, which includes requirements for systematic improvement work and criteria for how to work with HACCP.

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ISO 9001 is a management system standard for quality processes in a company or organization. Salinity has been certified since 1997 and works daily with constant improvements. It is called The Salinity Way.

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We strive to minimize our environmental impact and therefore work with the environmental management system standard 14001.

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